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It is our mission to tell the amazing stories about our Washington, DC area local businesses and their owners. The Fairfax Review is here to share these stories with our readers so they can get a true feel for the energy, commitment, and personality of our local business community.

We highlight the best parts of your small-to-medium sized business (SMB) and most times that includes the personality and commitment that comes from the business owner. We report honestly and as accurately as possible. We do take liberties however, with the number of "amazing's" and "incredible's" that we write into our stories. But that's because we love our local businesses that damn much!

So no matter the size of our business, its history in Fairfax County, or the services it offers - we would be more than happy to speak with you and help you spread the word about your amazing business! (See what I did there?)

If you would have a local business - or would like to recommend one - and you would like it to be featured on the Fairfax Review, we simply ask that you fill out the form below so we can chat a little and set up a time for an interview. All our businesses have a story.  And they are all worthy of a little promotion. So please feel free to contact us, email us, or even text us. We'll make sure we follow up.

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The Fairfax Review is offering news feature stories on any small business in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC area. If interested, please contact the Fairfax Review for more information. Businesses must be willing to be interviewed and photographed for our stories.