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Brittany Diliberto says photography is a part of who she is…not just what she does. Indeed, it’s rare to see to see Brittany without her “right arm” – any one of her dozens of cameras.

Brittany’s father was a photographer but it wasn’t until she stumbled into an international photo competition in 2004 that she really understood her own talent and potential. Brittany was introduced to “Lomography” by a friend and began experimenting. Lomo was a Soviet manufacturer of KGB spy cameras in the early 1900s. She won a spot the 2004 Lomography World Congress, being held in China, and placed 7th out of 110 entrants that year.  She was 17 years old. Three years later, she won the same competition!

In college, Brittany studied Lighting Design and began establishing a career as a Professional Lighting Design in the theatre. She has worked with many local, regional and national theatres. She does the design for the Richmond Ballet’s yearly production of the Nutcracker, among others.

But again, it was her friends who pointed her back to photography. She was being asked to shoot weddings for a few of her friends each year and soon realized that her talents could make her quite a bit more money.

Brittany Diliberto Wedding Photographer

Weddings Take Over

Bee Two Sweet Wedding Photography

Bee Two Sweet wedding photo on a rainy night

In 2015 Brittany shot 8 weddings and realized she could create a successful business doing wedding photography while still having time for theatrical design work. As a super-talented hobbyist, Brittany was surprised at how much she enjoyed shooting weddings. She understood from the beginning that every wedding was a production – or a show. And Brittany treats it as such still today. She holds a “production meeting” prior to the event.  She directs what she can – but then also enjoys capturing the special “unscripted” moments. One look at her Portfolio and you’ll see that this is her specialty.

Bee Two Sweet is Born

That name, though! Bee Two Sweet? Yep. In the early days of her photography career, her peers knew her by a different name. But that wasn’t going to work for her new Wedding Photography business. When she searched google for that other name, she found all the references to her old work and realized it would only confuse potential customers. So she went looking for a new name. She eventually came up with Bee Two Sweet. It’s a combination of her “B” (Brittany) and a play on the fact that Bees are such hard workers and how “Sweet” weddings can be. And Brittany is definitely a hard worker.

Wedding Expos

Bee Two Sweet Wedding Photography Wedding Expo Booth

Bee Two Sweet’s Wedding Expo Booth

Brittany got engaged this past year (to another photographer, of course!). Johnny, her fiance’, specializes in corporate headshots and working with high end corporate clients. Johnny has helped Brittany grow her business. He bought her a booth to use at Wedding Expos. With her background in the theatre, there’s no doubt that Bee Two Sweet’s booth is nothing short of spectacular! It stands out and does a great job of displaying her work.

In 2016 they attended four Wedding Expos, but in the first two months of 2017, they have already attended three – with plans of attending many more! According to Brittany, they are booking between 3 and 4 weddings per expo! Many of her bookings are from couples she is meeting for the first time!

As with any photographer, the proof is in the Portfolio. Brittany says, “A story is told in every photo and that’s what Bee Two Sweet Photography is all about: telling your story, with seamless, personalized service. I love learning about you and your individual style, and creating that “Two Sweet” space where the two of you can be completely authentic.”

To read more about Bee Two Sweet Photography, you can view their website – or find them on Facebook, Instagram, or Wedding Wire – where they recently won the 2017 Couples’ Choice Award for Wedding Photographers.

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