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Supporting Local Small Business

Fairfax Business Review

The Fairfax Review was created in 2016 by Scott Richardson, a local small business owner and entrepreneur.  The Fairfax Review is a local digital newspaper designed to highlight some of the best local small businesses in Fairfax County, VA.  

Fairfax Business Review is a reliable place to learn more about the small businesses in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area. We are 100% dedicated to finding useful information about place and people we to business with each and every day. These are the stories that the people of Northern Virginia want to hear.

We are an information hub for Fairfax locals, as well as people all across the Washington, DC area. We strive to provide a better understanding about the small and medium sized business in our communities and to provide context for the way they operate. By profiling the owners of these businesses, we bridge the gap between proprietor and customer. The stories we tell unite us. For local businesses who want to tell their stories and attract some attention, the Fairfax Business Review is your one-stop-shop!

We love where we live because we know that these amazing small businesses are doing their part to make our community vibrant and our economy strong.  We want to bring the feeling of community to our businesses and neighbors. We want to provide our wide reaching readership the opportunity to connect with these businesses.  And at the same time, provide the businesses and their owners the opportunity to promote themselves and get the attention they deserve!

Handyman Masters, LLC

The business owners we interview are some of the most dedicated professionals you will ever meet.  We believe their stories are worth telling and their businesses are successful because of that hard work and dedication to success and their community.

The Editor

Scott Richardson is the Owner and Editor of the Fairfax Review. He is also the founder of it's parent company the Scott McKellam Agency. 

As a nationally known speaker, journalist, small business owner, and authority on entrepreneurship, Scott Richardson has had the pulse of America’s small businesses for more than 30 years. Before co-founding the Scott McKellam Agency in 2016, Richardson was a television journalist and small business owner. He's an entrepreneur at heart and is passionate about helping small businesses.  

Scott lives in Fairfax with his fiance, Kelli, and his dog, Daisy.  He is the father of 3 wonderful children (Abegail, Annie, and E-man) that he loves spending time with.  His free time is spent doing what he loves most: watching his kids on the soccer field!​

The Fairfax Review Needs Your Help

We do our best to locate the local businesses we believe are worthy of recognition and support. If you own a local business, work for an exceptional small company, or know of one that we should profile in the Fairfax Review, please contact us and let us know! You are our eyes and ears and we thrive from your support. So join us in supporting these local small businesses that make Fairfax County such a great place to live and do business!

The Fairfax Review is offering news feature stories on any small business in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC area. If interested, please contact the Fairfax Review for more information. Businesses must be willing to be interviewed and photographed for our stories.